At Education Ireland (IEO), we understand the importance of partnerships in achieving your institution’s goals in the local education market. By collaborating with us, you gain access to a wealth of experience and a diverse range of strategies that can maximize your reach and impact. We offer tailored solutions for B2B, B2I, and B2C partners to support your educational endeavors in Ireland.

B2B Partners:

Discover how we can support your institution by connecting you with experienced agents, facilitating networking opportunities, arranging school and university visits, and offering marketing and recruitment support.

B2I (Business to Institutions) Partners:

Find out how we can help you showcase Ireland as a study destination through our engagement with career counselors.


Refer a student to Study in Ireland

If you are an education consultant, Teacher, or Advisor willing to refer students to study in Ireland, fill in the form below and send us details with the student’s CV and docs. Note that Ireland Education Office can only accept referred applications from reputable established educational organizations/ educational agencies and career counselors and that only for a selected partner overseas Universities or Colleges. Ireland Education Office reserve the right to accept such referrals.

To become a recruitment partner of IEO, kindly submit your application on this

With access to hundreds of courses across Ireland, you find the right course and let IEO do the rest. Focus on your students, while IEO takes care of the paperwork, applications, and communications with the institute.


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