Top Reasons to Study in Ireland:

Ireland is an island nation on the westernmost edge of Europe. It is the continent’s second largest island (after Great Britain). The Republic of Ireland occupies 80 percent of this landmass, while a large chunk of land in the north is part of the United Kingdom.


About four-fifths of the area of Ireland is the national territory of the Republic of Ireland, the remaining one-fifth in the northeast of the island belongs to Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom

Wide range of Courses and programs leading to employability

An increasing number of international students look to Ireland for their higher education, not only because of the excellent quality of education it offers but for its practical, job-oriented courses that offer professional development and a possible career path. Ireland allows students to experience both intellectual and cultural growth, as they pursue diverse courses that are a perfect fit for their needs and future plans.

Leading Ireland Universities and institutions offer over 5,000 programs to choose from. Students can pick from an array of fields including medicine, engineering, business, science, technology, literature, history, philosophy, psychology, etc.

Most popular courses to study:

Home to


leading multinational companies

Ireland has proven track record as a successful location for world leading established and high growth multinatonal companies from around the world. One third of multinationals in ireland have had operations in the country for over 20 years, illustrating the longevity, resilience and coomitment of these companies to ireland.

As a result of these figures Ireland has been chosen by World leading companies and is the European hub to over 1000 leading multinational companies with has a proven track record as a successful location for world leading established and high growth multinational companies from around the world.

One third of multinationals in Ireland have had operations in the country for over 20 years, illustrating the longevity, resilience and commitment to Ireland.

Companies who require a skilled, educated, and highly capable workforce to drive their success choose to locate in Ireland.

Opportunity to operate your own business

Enterprise Ireland offers a comprehensive range of supports to make it as easy as possible to set up your business in Ireland and to grow on global markets. Moreover, PwC Ireland launches pre-Budget submission 2024 to support Irish private enterprise hence supporting sustainable growth.

Part-time Job while you study:

International students engaged in full-time study of at least one year’s duration (on a course leading to a qualification which is recognised by the Irish Department of Education and Skills currently do not need a work permit to work in Ireland. It is not uncommon to have a trial period before you are permanently hired. Ireland’s minimum wage is €11 per hour.

Low Cost of Living

Precisely how much you will need will vary depending on where you are studying in Ireland, on the type of accommodation you choose and, of course, on your own personal lifestyle.  But, on average, it is estimated that a student will spend between €7,000 and €12,000 per year.

The only English-speaking country of Eurozone

One of the best reasons to study in Ireland is that most of the courses are offered in the English language. Although English is such a widely spoken language in Ireland, it has accounted for a significant portion of the country’s literature. 

Internationally Renowned

Ireland Institutes provide a high quality of education, training, and skills that students receive. The standard of education is maintained by the QQI body as a result of this, programs in Ireland meet international standards, which makes Ireland a desirable place to pursue higher education. Due to its international reputation, Ireland attracts a large number of students from all over the world to study.

There are currently over 32,000 international students studying in Ireland availing of the extensive range of courses available. All Irish Universities are ranked in the top 3% of institutions worldwide with many research fields in the top 1% in the world.

Irish hospitality – the friendliest country


Ireland has been ranked as the third most peaceful country in the world, while peacefulness across the globe.


The Global Peace Index (GPI) 2022 named Iceland as the most peaceful country in the world, followed by New Zealand and Ireland, which ranked eighth last year.


Ireland has been ranked as the 13th happiest country in the world by an annual UN-sponsored index, three places ahead of the United States and four places above the United Kingdom.


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