Ireland Education Office offer following services for students who are applying to Ireland for study purposes.

Admission Counseling

Ireland Education Office provide one to one counseling session for students and parents to select their study Institutes in Ireland. We consider student academic background, preferred course and eligibility, along with their financial affordability. Ireland Education Office provides honest and fair counseling to aspiring students and guides them which course will be best for them as per their preferences.

For us, it’s not a file, it’s a life depending on us to make the right decision at right time!.

To book a private counseling session with IEO contact our nearest  office or Schedule it online

Student Visa Assistance & Appeals

This is most critical service we provide to our students. Good & strong visa application will decide your future. So make it count and take best service to have your visa application prepared with all loose ends addressed! Visa applications include information about student profile, financial details of sponsors, student ties with home country & what benefits student will get with a degree abroad. Your visa application will speak itself in front of visa officer as you may not be there to answer questions of visa officers.

We also guide you about financial documents you need to include and what alternative you may have for showing financial strength of your family to support you.  For private confidential visa filing appointment Schedule it online  WhatsApp us at 03218425011 or contact us

Scholarships Abroad

Everybody wants a Scholarship! Right! We do have partial scholarships & discounts at our partner institutions abroad. Generally, you must have a good GPA, a strong academic profile & good English proficiency proved by an approved English Test. Financial support also comes like free accommodation, fee reduction, and a discounted fee for a subsequent year of your degree if you are going for an undergraduate degree. We do not have full scholarships though.

See our Scholarship list for the latest offers.

English Language Tests and Preparations

English Tests are typically required for admission and visa applications in most countries. Which test to choose? Which is easier than others? What is the cost of test and how can prepare for it?  Ireland Education Office sister organization ICD – Institute of Career Development offer range of English Tests & their preparations. We also offer special packages for test bookings and preparations which can include test fee waiver, discounted preparation & a free mock test. Interested!

Visit ICD website   for latest offers or see our event calendar

International Health Cover

To study in Ireland, International student must show sufficient funds to support their stay in Ireland without recourse to public funds, or the reliance on casual employment. Therefore, students must show evidence that they have immediate access to at least €7,000. This is the estimated cost of living in Ireland for a student for one academic year.

You can book Insurance through Ireland Education Office  online

Once you submit form we will get back to you with payment instructions and cover details.

Student Accommodation Abroad

Where can I live and what accommodation options I have?

Simple answer is – you have three choices:  

  •       Homestay Accommodation
  •       Uninest Student Residence
  •       Apartments
  •       Griffith Halls of Residence (On-campus)

Note: All students under 18 years need to have a legal guardian in Ireland during their studies.

The Irish Council for International Students (ICOS) is available to contact for any international students who need assistance in making a complaint about accommodation:

  • Ireland Education Office can connect you with International students already at destination city to find suitable accommodation.
  • We can also book your accommodation on campus & connect you with relevant accommodation companies.

WhatsApp chat groups of students already abroad

Once your Irish visa will be approved, Ireland Education Office will add you to WhatsApp group of International students of that country so that you can connect with fellow mates and chit chat with them to get practical information before you land in  Ireland!

Fee payment Bank transfers

Ireland Education Office is in agreement with Link International Money Exchange for solution of fee & other payment transfers in Ireland. Ireland Education Office can guide you about opening a Bank account abroad and getting required approvals.

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